Return to NZ (part1)

From dry desert warmth,

to warm island humidity. We parked the Scamp and hopped a plane around the world. Again.

We hadn’t really been planning on it, but as the days got shorter and the Scamp looked smaller and smaller the choice became clear: we are fortunate to have few encumbrances …. [Continue reading]

Climb or Die Complete

AP NEWS WIRE Brown, Morris complete “Climb or Die” 7/04/08


Summerhaven, AZ — Mountain bikers worldwide are celebrating a significant milestone in the evolution of the sport. Mount Lemmon has fallen to a pair of Tucson cyclists.

Riders Chad Brown and Scott Morris left Tucson at 4 o’clock AM to begin climbing …. [Continue reading]

Ring the Peak

My first ride in Manitou Springs (after moving here this summer) was on the Intemann Trail. I was in a totally new place and the signs were confusing. But occasionally I’d see a carsonite with the words “Ring the Peak” on them. There’s only one peak they could be talking about!

My curiosity …. [Continue reading]


At last, a return to CDO and upper Lemmon riding.

We flashed Meadow and upper Lemmon. Before I knew it we were through the 1995 burn area, high on Suthers and Sammie. Not a single downed tree (I think Louis cleared one before I got there), and overgrowth was as pushed back as I’ve seen …. [Continue reading]

The Highway of the Devil

El Camino Del Diablo – January 23, 2006 by Scott Morris

The “highway of the devil” – so named from the original 1540 expedition comissioned by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado due to the hardships encountered. The route lived up to its name during the 1849 gold rush. Some traveled during summer to avoid Apache marauders, …. [Continue reading]

Dragoons North

A map, a road, another road; a route.

Respectively: TopoFusion, Fourr Canyon, unnamed 4×4 road; the Dragoons northern loop.

Lee and I coasted through the town of Dragoon, carried by cold morning winds. We rolled out of town on a lonely dirt road, heading south to Fourr Canyon.

In 1907 Billy Fourr guarded the …. [Continue reading]

Round the Lemmon

Four days later I, indeed, find myself on yet another stupid ride. But at least I’m not hiking my bike; I’m pulling the Bob trailer on Jon Shouse and Chris Everist’s second “stupid ride” series. Number one was around the Rincons, this time it was the Catalinas. Paula also joined in on this ride, almost …. [Continue reading]

Oracle Ridge is still #1

Great day on the bike today with Dejay. It was us against an invincible opponent: Oracle Ridge #1 (so called because it was the first trail up Mt. Lemmon). What used to be a very hard trail has become even harder with the fury of fires Bullock and Aspen. But it’s still a good ride, …. [Continue reading]

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The story goes like this.

Tuesday 3/16: Alan and I spent our energies pedaling hard and steady to the gap known as Charouleau, then down the back side for some snow melt CDO refreshment. The water was moving fast and was ice cold; in contrast the day was hot and slow. We stood around …. [Continue reading]

Ride For Life – Around the Santa Ritas

What was once a dream is now reality. The ride around the Santa Ritas is complete and it was a roaring success. We were presented the opportunity of a good day and we took it. It turned out to be the perfect day.

The preparation for the ride was extensive:

Recon 1 Recon 2 Recon …. [Continue reading]

Tremo Challenge

2 days, 220 km, 9000 feet of climbing over the Sierra de Mazatan

Photos, GPS data and stats

The adventure began at 7:00am sharp, which in Mexican time meant we didn’t roll out until about 7:35. Forty riders turned out on the highway to Guaymas, then turned east, destined for the Mazatan mountains. Among them …. [Continue reading]

Over the Lemmon Part 2

Part one was Dec 27 and it was an arduous journey, especially getting the other participants (read fools, we all were) through it all. After finishing that ride without problems, fear and doubt for long, cold rides is incredibly lower.

This time the route was different, but the conditions much more favorable. There was …. [Continue reading]

Over the Frozen Lemmon

Over the Lemmon is over. Here are the pics/map.

From an email to the SDMB group:

The short version:

It was cold. 31 degrees when I left my house at 5:30. 24 was the day-long high at the top.

Sub-25 degrees + 25 mph + 25 miles of downhill on the catalina highway = four …. [Continue reading]

Round the Mountain Epic

Yesterday I completed a longstanding goal of mine: Round the Mountain trail on Mt. Graham.

The journey began at Columbine. I coasted down a dirt road, cold at 7am and 9000 feet. A sign read “Warning, High Bear Activity Area.” The road was gated and I continued past it on “double track that rides like …. [Continue reading]