Return to NZ (part1)

From dry desert warmth,

to warm island humidity. We parked the Scamp and hopped a plane around the world. Again.

We hadn’t really been planning on it, but as the days got shorter and the Scamp looked smaller and smaller the choice became clear: we are fortunate to have few encumbrances …. [Continue reading]

Coconino Redo

The blog lives!

I once again found myself in Sedona, shaking things down on the Llama trail, prepping body, mind and bike for a big ride.

It was a tad warmer and a lot smokier than last time (CocoFail). But I had the knowledge of that failure in my back pocket, …. [Continue reading]

An Alien Holiday

Paula and I loaded up the bikes with food and water for 3 days, clothes and sleeping gear for sub freezing temps.

My bike was really living up to its ‘Behemoth’ title, now carrying a zero degree sleeping bag on the seat and a tent on the handlebars. I was really impressed with …. [Continue reading]

Grand Enchantment Trail, Magdalena to Duke City

It started with an early morning punch in the face: 3k of vert in about 6 miles. Rideable? Yeah, save a few rocky pitches. Did it feel good? Not really. Maybe for Lee – he’s lightened his kit, dropped the rack and been training for this trip.

It showed. He stayed …. [Continue reading]

CDT Chapter 2, Jackson Loop

Mike Curiak and I continue exploring the Continental Divide Trail (CDT).

The original plan was to restart where we left off — Bannock Pass. But given that our daily mileage limped along in the 30’s, we didn’t have enough time to complete the trail as planned — and ride back.

Somehow the plan morphed into …. [Continue reading]

CDT Chapter 1, Lima Loop

I flew to Salt Lake City. My bike was waiting, shipped DHL to my parents’ house. 24 hours later I was in MC’s ‘E’ as we fought Wasatch front traffic, en route to Montana.

Lima, Montana is a classic stop for CDT hikers and GDMBR (divide) cyclists. We were about to become divide cyclists ourselves, …. [Continue reading]

Oregon Singletrack Tour – [3/3] (Mackenzie River)

No witches or warlocks attacked us during the night. The sweet lullaby of the Willamette River brought us restful sleep. We were feeling good, but sometimes that’s exactly why you build in some recovery time — so you can keep feeling good.

We got up leisurely, rode a tiny bit of singletrack, then 15 miles …. [Continue reading]

Oregon Singletrack Tour – [2/3] (Umpqua River)

Nearly 24 hours of pure bliss at Lemolo Lake brought recharge and recovery. We were hungry for more Oregon Singletrack.

And we just happened to be in the perfect place — the top of the widely lauded North Umpqua Trail. No long drive, no messy shuttle logistics, no delays. Just wake up and roll out …. [Continue reading]

Oregon Singletrack Tour – [1/3] (Willamette River)

Eugene, OR.

We crammed an incredible amount of visiting and catching up into a short few days. We stayed up late, ate good food and generally had a blast with Alan and Misty.

It didn’t leave a lot of time to plan the singletrack tour. A late night chat with Scott Taylor yielded a few …. [Continue reading]

G.E.T. Part 2 – Wahoo on the CDT

When we last left our heroes (ha!) they were exhausted but well sheltered and fed, having met up with Lee’s wife, Joan. Well fed is a bit of a stretch, I guess, since we had no stove and no food to cook, anyway. We had never really planned on meeting up with Joan in a …. [Continue reading]

G.E.T. Part 1 – Gold Dust and Phantom Trails

We started where we left off on the last GET exploration: the catwalk outside Glenwood, New Mexico.

This time we followed the recommended GET route, which starts above the catwalk, dropping in after the suspension bridge.

The Gold Dust Trail started with nicely cut trail and rideable grades.

It then contoured, …. [Continue reading]

Arizona Trail 300 ’08

(thanks to Chad for the photo)

10 riders started this year’s AZT 300.

Surprise entrants included Mike Curiak and Pete Basigner. Mike wove an elaborate deceptive web in the days before the race. If you had asked me to estimate the chance of him showing up for the AZT 300, ever, I’d have …. [Continue reading]

G.E.T. Part 4 (of 4) – more hike-a-bike and the Black Hills

climbing away from the blue river

Despite being the weekend, Juan Miller Road was a very quiet place to be. A perfect morning on the bike. As usual, the lack of rough conditions was welcomed after yesterday’s tribulations on the Wildbunch Trail.

We pedaled and set our heads to 360 degree sweep mode.

…. [Continue reading]

G.E.T. Part 3 – Charlie Moore and the Wildbunch

We got the full local scoop from Bucky Allred at the Blue Front Cafe in Glenwood. He did encourage us to join his organization that aims to keep existing roads and trails more or less open. Other topics included the dastardly Mexican Wolf, grazing in general and how the ‘good old boys’ knew what they …. [Continue reading]

G.E.T. Part 2 – roadie scum we are

bikes wait for riders, adventure

“Oh, what’s this? Forest road 215. We can follow it to Dix Mountain road and all the way up to Mule Pass.”

We’re about to go to sleep, and Lee’s pouring over the maps, dreaming of an alternate to our scheduled road ride. Sure enough, there’s something I …. [Continue reading]

G.E.T. Part 1 – The Safford Morenci Trail

I’ve been dreaming about this trail for some time. Before the highway, before the Black Hills Backcountry Byway, there was a pack trail that linked the farms (Safford) with the mines (Morenci).

It came to my attention due to its inclusion on Brett Tucker’s Grand Enchantment Trail. From the very beginning I knew I couldn’t …. [Continue reading]

CT/C.A.R. volume 2

Volume 1 (Colorado Springs to Leadville) can be found here:


Mike, Lee and I left PB (Leadville) early. Pavement is good for one thing: warming up. Good thing, because the Elbert Trail starts out steep and serious.

In my mind there was a 100% chance of afternoon thunderstorms. I figured we …. [Continue reading]

CT/C.A.R. tour volume 1

Last year’s fun on the CT:

Vol. 1 Vol. 2

Time for Chapter 2, Volume 1.

This year I reside in Manitou Springs, not Golden. We decided that rather than shuttle a car to Denver, we’d ride right from my house in Manitou. The CT is not far, but a question remained – where exactly …. [Continue reading]

Gunnison Exploration

We’re working on an alternate route for the Colorado Trail. A major piece of the puzzle was getting from Gunnison (Hartman Rocks) to ~Los Pinos Pass.

So I spent a few hours with the Gunny BLM/Forest Map and TopoFusion quads and aerials. A few possible options presented themselves, but only on-the-ground recon would …. [Continue reading]

Sedona Circ

For whatever reason, I’ve never made the trip to Sedona before. Too much excitement down here in Southern AZ, I guess. Yet, I often blow right by on my way to southern UT or CO. Troy‘s ride was the perfect excuse to give it a try. I really liked the idea of an overnight …. [Continue reading]