Enchanted Recon

Pretty cool to start a bike tour from your house. I pedaled across Tucson early. I didn’t need an early start, except to avoid traffic in town.

Soon enough I was climbing Redington Road. The desert spoke silence to me. Quite a contrast from the AZT 300 racers who dodged gunfire and all …. [Continue reading]

Bikepacking on the Colorado Trail (2006) Part 2

I had intended to restart in Salida. But I got overwhelmed the day before, so I met Mike @ Highway 114, where he dropped out about two weeks ago.

The trail was enjoyably smooth and mellow. Rick climbed with us for an hour or so on his singlespeed.

Forgotten doubletracks, gentle meadows led …. [Continue reading]

More Colorado Trail

Mike and I are restarting the Colorado Trail tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to get back on the trail.

Legs? Still tired. Currently aching.

Enthusiasm? High. Hopefully high enough to counter the bum legs.

These last miles of the CT look to be very interesting — at least in TopoFusion. There’s some interesting stuff route-wise …. [Continue reading]

Bikepacking on the Colorado Trail (2006) Part 1

“Wanna?” Mike Curiak asks me, less than two weeks before leaving.

“Yes, yes” is my reply.

I know where the Colorado Trail starts and ends (roughly), and have ridden two tiny pieces. Otherwise, I’m clueless. I try to stay ignorant in the days leading up to the trip, a reaction to over-planning previous trips and …. [Continue reading]

The Grand Loop – Race Report

Prologue to the Prologue: Mike, Lee, Jim and I are pedaling over the railroad tracks en route to the Tabeguache Trailhead. My rear tire quickly goes flat. The tube split. Everyone stopped and the crew went to work to fix it. “Not a good omen,” I thought, “but the race hasn’t started yet.” I should …. [Continue reading]

Kokopelli Trail: Reloaded

12:30a, Sand Flats Road. I’m thinking about pulling the plug. I’m pedaling along, but my body cries at any exertion. People are all around me, with bright lights bobbing, casting shadows. I can’t see the mountains, cliffs, rocks, road. I don’t have the strength to drop them, so I fall back, only to get caught …. [Continue reading]

Arizona Trail 300 Race Report

It’s a secret to everyone…

Arizona Trail, Catalinas with Tim McCabe

Tim McCabe started from the Mexico Border on 3/14/06. He’s riding the whole trail in preparation for the AZT 300. I joined him for a day and a half as he crossed the Catalinas.

It was an early start, leaving home @5:40.

Sunday was our second winter storm. We left Monday morning. I …. [Continue reading]

Racing the Arizona Trail in 7 days

route map from TopoFusion software

Racing the Arizona Trail

The Arizona Trail has always been an obsession of mine. Whether riding, hiking, building or planning it, it seems to often be on my mind. In Spring 2005 I rode the length of the Arizona Trail (from Mexico to Utah) with my friend Lee …. [Continue reading]

Great Divide Race ’05

We watched the rain turn from moderate to pissing hard as we milled around outside the local bar in Roosville, Montana. The Canadian border is a stone’s throw away. I think we were all anxious to start the race, but no one was anxious to hop out into the rain. I met Matt and Kent, …. [Continue reading]

AZT – Superior to Payson

Lee and I went searching for a mountain bike route through the Superstition Mountains. We still haven’t found one.

We rolled through the streets of Superior at noon, heading west to the Arizona trailhead. After crossing the railroad tracks the singletrack sweetness began. The trail follows a ridgeline that was erupting with spring grasses and …. [Continue reading]

The Rug Road – Mammoth to Klondyke

The ride began on familiar ground. At 9:30 Lee Blackwell and I pedaled away from the pickup to begin climbing Copper Creek Rd. The Soul Ride features this big climb, but today it was only the beginning. After climbing through ridges covered in yellow flowers and green grasses, we dropped to Copper Creek itself then …. [Continue reading]

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The story goes like this.

Tuesday 3/16: Alan and I spent our energies pedaling hard and steady to the gap known as Charouleau, then down the back side for some snow melt CDO refreshment. The water was moving fast and was ice cold; in contrast the day was hot and slow. We stood around …. [Continue reading]

Tremo Challenge

2 days, 220 km, 9000 feet of climbing over the Sierra de Mazatan

Photos, GPS data and stats

The adventure began at 7:00am sharp, which in Mexican time meant we didn’t roll out until about 7:35. Forty riders turned out on the highway to Guaymas, then turned east, destined for the Mazatan mountains. Among them …. [Continue reading]