About TopoFusion

TopoFusion TopoFusion was founded by two mountain bikers that started GPSing their rides. We needed software to plan and analyze big (and multi-day!) rides, but nothing suitable existed. So we wrote our own!

TopoFusion focuses on mapping software for outdoor pursuits, fusing GPS units, topo maps, trail photos and statistics. Our interests in training (heart rate and power) and trail advocacy (proposal and design) have found their way into the software as well.

The program continues to evolve and grow as we use it to log our adventures. We always have ideas on the drawing board for cool new stuff.

We also welcome any suggestions/ideas. We have puposely kept TopoFusion a small, sustainable company that can respond quickly to the needs of our users. Drop us a line and let us know what you think!


TopoFusion is written by Alan and Scott Morris. Brothers, outdoor enthusiasts, mountain bikers and former wilderness rangers. Both hold advanced degrees in Computer Science.

Scott Morris is a mountain bike adventurer, PhD graduate and freelance writer. His PhD dissertation is entitled, "Digital Trails", covering topics in GPS and trail processing. He has cycled the Arizona Trail, the 2,500 mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and other long distance trails such as the Colorado Trail and the Grand Enchantment Trail, all with a GPS on the bars and using TopoFusion for planning/analysis. He logs his adventures at

TopoFusion supports Trails

What would we do without trails? TopoFusion is a proud sponsor of the volunteer Cienega Corridor Construction Project, bringing you 25 miles of some of the sweetest singletrack on the Arizona Trail!

Scott Morris received Pima Trail Association's "Extra Mile" award for volunteer efforts in GPS trail design, maintenance and construction throughout Southern Arizona.


TopoFusion would like to thank and acknowledge Microsoft's Terraserver team and the USGS. Also big thanks to Lucian Plesea and NASA for the OnEarth dataset and server. Two newer map servers that we would like to acknowledge are NR Canada's digital map server (*) and the US Census Tiger Mapping Service.

(*) (c) Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, Department of Natural Resources. All rights reserved.

Contact Us

Scott Morris can be contacted at:

For suggestions, ideas, business contact and comments:

We would like to hear about any new ideas or opportunities. We're always looking for ways to increase our audience and apply our technology to new problems.

Home base: Tucson, AZ (in the Winter)

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