Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I registered. How do I upgrade?

Don't download the latest demo. If you don't have the registered download link, go here to request a lost code and the link.

Q: When is the Mac version coming out?

Sorry, there is no native Mac version planned. However, many of our users use TopoFusion Pro on PC emulators (VMWare Fusion and Parallels) and report 100% success.

Q: Is there a subscription fee for maps?

No, buying TopoFusion is a one-time charge for the software. All map downloads are free.

Q: What maps are available in TopoFusion?

A: TopoFusion downloads maps from a wide array of public map servers. The available imagery, coverage and resolution can be viewed on the features page.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the maps? Can I publish maps from TopoFusion?

A: All map images from TopoFusion are freely available for you to download, use and re-distribute. There are no restrictions.

Q: What is the difference between the Pro and Basic versions?

See Which version is right for me?

Q: Can I upgrade from Basic to Pro?

Yes, and the cost is simply the difference in price - $30. Here is the order page for an upgrade (current Basic license is required before upgrading).

Click here to upgrade from Basic to Pro

Q: Using Goto Coordinate, I entered a coordinate but no maps are downloading. I'm either getting white tiles, or "Downloading" tiles.

A: Check your longitude. Longitudes in the United States are negative and need to be entered as such. 110.0 W = -110.0 Alternatively, you can add a "W" to the end to signify that you are entering a western longitude.

Q: The map tiles say "Downloading Disabled". How do I enable it?

A: On the toolbar is a toggle called "Toggle Internet Downloading." It looks like this:

Q: Can I use TopoFusion to upload topo maps to my GPS?

A: Yes, for Garmin's eTrex (20/30)/Oregon/Dakota/Colorado/62 family of units (also the Edge 800). See Uploading TF Maps to your GPS unit.

Other GPS units cannot display TF maps. TopoFusion displays raster maps, while GPS units can (usually) only display vector maps. This is a key difference. older Garmin units, for example, can only receive maps from Garmin's Mapsource product. It is possible to upload sets of GPS tracks and waypoints to the GPS using TopoFusion, of course.

Q: How do I upload a track to my Garmin GPS?

Read our Tutorial on uploading tracks using TopoFusion.

Q: My track doesn't have elevation data (flat profile) what gives?

A: The profile tool and other elevation features only work when elevation data is attached to track points. TopoFusion adds elevation data to drawn tracks automatically as you draw, but some tracks you import may not have elevation data. You can add elevations to a track using the Climbing Analysis dialog.

Q: How do you pronounce TopoFusion?

A: We've heard two variants. One is "Toe-po Fusion" and the other is "Tah-po Fusion." We use the latter, and ask those who say Toe-po how they pronounce words like topographic and topography. If it were a majority vote, though, the Toe's would win. Most people we meet pronounce it Toe-po Fusion.