Old Projects

Here are a few (really) old projects we worked on.

Roolz is a bidding card game, similar to Rook. With six suits and 100 cards, it provides more of a challenge than other bidding games. We wrote this free SHAREWARE version of Roolz for Games of Addition, the inventors of Roolz. Some say that the computer version is more fun than the card version.

Download Roolz v1.1 for Windows (95/98/ME/2000/XP).
View psuedo code for the Artificial Intelligence in the game.
View the (old) Roolz Web Pages

Decks of Roolz can still be purchased. Contact us at for info on getting in touch with Games of Addiction. Or, play the computer version.

TED stands for The Eastside DemoGroup. TED was a graphics "demo" written in 1994 when such things were hot (err, at least in our minds). Part of the obscure demoscene, it has received worldwide distribution. Why? Who knows, at one time graphics like this were impressive!

2011 Update

TED is now available with sound on Youtube:

Thanks to sole for resurrecting the demo and for the great writeup.

Download TED 2003 for Windows.

Download TED for DOS.

The DOS version is the original release that will not run unless you boot into DOS mode only. It also will not run on 200+ mhz machines due to Borland Turbo Pascal's bug. The windows version has the sound removed and the bug fixed so that it will run on modern computers. It's not the same without the music, but at least it doesn't just hang.