Uploading GPS tracks to your GPS using TopoFusion

So, you've got a GPX (or TCX) file loaded up in TopoFusion. Maybe it's a route for a grassroots endurance race, or perhaps a really long bikepacking route. Or maybe it's something you drew in, tracing topo maps and singletrack trails on aerial photos.

Wherever it came from, you want to get it on your GPS! Here's how.

Step one: which GPS do you have?

Garmin has a wide selection of GPS units, and each is a little different. Find the GPS that best matches the description below

eTrex 10/20/30, GPSMap 62, Oregon, Dakota, Montana and Colorado family

Edge 605/705

Edge 500/800

GPSMap 60CSx, eTrex VistaHCx, LegendCx, VentureC units

Edge 205/305, Forerunner 205/305/405

Foretrex 401/301/201/101

Older eTrex, Geko, 76/60, B/W screen