Uploading GPS tracks to your GPS using TopoFusion

Edge 705/605

This page covers the Edge 705/605 units. For other GPS models, go to the main tutorial index page.

All uploaded tracks are stored in the "GPS Drive:\GPX\" Directory on the GPS. The limit for a single GPX file is 16,000.

Step #1 - Check the number of points.

If the track has more than 16,000 points, you will need to simplify it first. If you have zero points there is something wrong with your file -- try downloading the file again and making sure the extension is GPX, TCX or CRS. If you have less than 16,000 points, you can skip step #2.

Step #2 - Simplify to 16,000 points.

In the "hand" / pan mouse tool mode, right click on the GPS track in the map window. A context menu pops up that looks like this:

Choose the "Simplify/split/spline track" option.

The simplify/split dialog:

Change the number of points to 16000. Hit "OK" on the dialog box. Your track is now 16,000 points.

Step #3 Upload the track.

Go to the GPS menu in the main TopoFusion window.

The GPS transfer dialog comes up:

Select the "Upload Track(s)" option.

Choose the file you want to upload in the dropdown selection at the top.

Leave the secondary option as "to Saved Tracks / Courses."

Now hit "Begin" to begin transfer. It should only take a few moments.

Alternatively, you can simply copy a GPX file from anywhere on your computer into the "Garmin Drive:\GPX" directory when your GPS is plugged in.

Step #4 - Verify the upload.

Unplug the GPS and turn it on. Go to "Where To?" -> "Saved Rides" from the Main Menu. Select your uploaded file. Choose "View Map." The resulting map should correspond to the GPS track in TopoFusion.

Step #5 - Enable the track or Navigate it

In order to display the course on the GPS's map screen you need to enable it. Go to "Where To?" -> "Saved Rides" and select your uploaded file. Choose "Navigate" to turn it on (newly uploaded files are not shown on the map by default).

Now get out there!