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TopoFusion playback of the race:

Red dots are sailboats. Blue dots are the waypoints.



NameChan'l 5MarathonBig PineSmathers (finish)
Team CyberSpeed 01:20 03:14 X 05:43
Team Yahwahnnah 01:30 03:30 05:00 07:34
Splickety Lick 01:31 03:48 X 06:00
Team Royal X X X 6:50
Carbon Cruising DNF

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Team CyberSpeed
Team Yahwahnnah
Splickety Lick
Team Royal

About the Tracker

Contact Scott Morris ( if you're interested in using this kind of SPOT tracking for your race, event or trip. We've done some significant development of functionality beyond what the SPOT "share" page gives you, and will be doing more.