Splash History

2018 (photo by Scott Morris)
Scamping in the Sonoran Desert (TopoFusion is run out of a trailer, digital nomad style)

2017 (photo by Scott Morris)
Eszter Horanyi, bikepacking in New Zealand, Manipouri Lake, Fjordlands National Park

2016 (photo by Scott Morris)
Alexis Ault, bikepacking near Castle Peak, Idaho. Sadly now closed to bikes due to Wilderness designation

2015 (photo by Scott Morris)
Eszter Horanyi, descending the Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

2014 (photo by Scott Morris)
Eszter Horanyi, in the autumn gold, Marshall Pass

2013 (photo by Scott Morris)
Eszter Horanyi and Chad Brown, Scarps ridge, Colorado

2012 (photo by Scott Morris)
Chris Miller above Crested Butte, CO

2011 (photo by Scott Morris)
Todd Tanner during the Arizona Trail 300

2010 (photo by Scott Morris)
Chad Brown on the Grand Loop

2009 (photo by Scott Morris)
Arizona Trail along the Gila River

2008 (photo by Mike Curiak)
Outside Crested Butte, Colorado

2007 (photo by Jay Meyers)
Area 52, somewhere in Arizona

2006 (photo by Scott Morris)
Grand Canyon, during AZT thru-ride

2005 (photo by Scott Morris)
Red Rock Lake, along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

2004 (photo by Alan Morris)
Bighorn Crags, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

2003 (photo by Scott Morris)
Tucson Mountains, Arizona

2002 (photo by Alan Morris)
Wasatch Mountains, Utah