Soul Ride 2004 GPS

For the 2004 Soul Ride we handed out Garmin Foretrex units to some of the top riders in the 100 mile race. With these tracks we can "replay" the race using the Multitrack Playback feature of TopoFusion.

Movies (not dialup friendly):

Soul Ride 2004 - Start detail [mpg, 6.2 MB]
Soul Ride 2004 - Full Race [mpg, 7.4 MB]

Statistics from the GPS tracks:

RiderOverall PlaceFinish TimeAverage SpeedMoving timeStopped TimeMax Speed
Tinker Juarez18:00:2512.87:48:1112:1434.0 mph
Dejay Birtch 5?9:01:2711.38:46:1915:0835.6 mph
Garth Prosser 8?9:29:2010.99:03:0926:1133.5 mph
Scott Morris8?9:29:2011.18:57:3331:5032.9 mph
Rudy Nadler 11?9:38:5310.59:28:3710:1629.2 mph
Chris Everist28?10:55:479.310:35:2220:2531.2 mph

The DATA: - All GPS tracks from the race. [ZIP, 500k]

Download, load them up in TopoFusion, then let-er-rip on Multi-track playback (Select Analysis Menu->Multi Track Playback). Watch the race at any speed. Zoom/pan around, et cetera.

Screen shot from the cody trail: (colors are as in table)

Climbing in the Galiuro Mountains:

Some notes:

  • Tinker annhilated us.
  • Everyone got lost to some degree. But there were no turns that everyone missed, so it was somewhat random. In the end it seemed to effect everyone fairly equally. Tinker got the furthest off the course, but he followed a wash to rejoin the route so it didn't cost him too much in the end.
  • Tinker didn't stop at the peppersauce cave. Presumably he was too early to be directed off the road and into the cave. But this did take everyone, on average, about 5 minutes.
  • Event Results
  • Scott's Race Report

    Soul Ride 2004 Info

    The Soul Ride is a multi distance (100/60/30 mile) event held on October 31st, 2004 in Oracle, AZ (1 hour from Tucson). It promises to once again be one of Arizona's finest endurance races.

    2004 maps (to print use PDF versions):

    2004 30 mile map[JPG] [PDF]
    2004 60 mile map [JPG] [PDF]
    2004 100 mile map [JPG] [PDF]
    2004 100 mile START/FINISH area map [JPG] [PDF]
    2004 100 mile 3D Map

    GPS Data - 30 mile course in GPX format
    GPS Data - 60 mile course in GPX format
    GPS Data - 100 mile course in GPX format