What's the difference between the Pro and Basic versions of TopoFusion?

  • The biggest difference is that the Pro version has a set of advanced features that the Basic version does not. See the list below for what is only found in the Pro version.
  • Most of our development effort goes into new features for the Pro version (and new versions are always free to our users) . Only smaller updates and bug fixes are being made to the basic version.
  • Pro is $69.95 to remove the demo tiles, and Basic is $40.00.
TopoFusion Basic is compiled from the same code base as TopoFusion Pro, it just has the advanced features disabled. If you don't need the features listed below, or don't understand what most of them are, Basic is for you!

Can I upgrade from Basic to Pro?

Yes, and the cost is simply the difference in price - $30. Here is the order page for an upgrade (current Basic license is required before upgrading).

Click here to upgrade from Basic to Pro

Features only available in TopoFusion PRO

  • Shaded Relief mapping for all map types
  • Climbing Analysis
  • GPS Networks
  • Lap Analysis
  • Elevation Tiles
  • Batch downloading of map tiles
  • Improved track manipulation
  • WMS server support
  • Cycling Power functionality. Also Heartrate and Cadence visualization.
  • Add and calibrate your own maps - user calibrated maps with transparency
  • PhotoFusion features
    • - Thumbnails on map - mouse over enlarges
    • - Photos as waypoints - can be moved/deleted/added
  • And more...

Click here for the Download page for both versions of TopoFusion