Clouds and rain, temperatures stuck in the 50’s. Life is so hard in the desert that sometimes it just pains me, it really does.

It doesn’t matter how much it rains, the Tucson Mountains are always rideable, and arguably better after or during a big storm. Time to ride!

Look who’s back in town, and wanting to ride some chunk!

Todd rocking the rigid SS. Cat mountain was bunches easier than riding it in the dark on the Ranchito ride this week. I kind of missed getting flashed and temporarily blinded by my bar light every time I lunged up a big rock, though.

Admit it guys, you’ve missed riding with me. Especially at this moment!

After three hours bouncing around in the mountain park, and a full (“backwards”) tour of Robles, I dropped the Parks off at the motor home, and taking trails on the way back, the sky.. opened.. up.

The sun slipped underneath the cloud blanket for a few brief minutes, and what followed was magic.

Glowing catcus,

mountains of solid gold,

rainbows across the sky,

and finally, a dark and deep sunset to get lost in.

It’s funny how coincidence and condition work out. How being in the right place at the right time just happens. Savor it and appreciate it when it does.

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