Gnats – East Side Tacos

Jonathan has been cracking out on Agua Caliente for months, maybe years now. I’ve had past love affairs with Hot Water Hill in the past, but living on the west side of Tucson has made the romance grow a little cold.

His photos and words finally got to be too much handle. I had to get out there.

We climbed “Gnat’s Ass”, a narrow strip of rock and “trail”, full of challenges and steep fun.

Gorgeous ridgeline, full of saguaro friends.

First time on such terrain for these friends! They rode well, and we all walked some. It’s mountain biking, you know?

Climb back into the sun from the Agua Caliente saddle! My legs were crispy to begin with, but I didn’t let that stop me from throwing myself at each and every challenge that presented itself along the way.

Frosty trees atop Mt Lemmon. Methinks some snow and cold temperatures are in my future, and I’m really excited about that!

second in the ‘K&T pushing their bikes’ series – how many more will there be?

No really guys, you can tell me how much you’ve missed riding with me later. Though Jonathan gets credit for the brilliance of suggesting this ride on this day. And how could it have been any better, struggling our way up jagged mountains, in the brilliance of the AZ sun?

We didn’t have the daylight or energy for a summit bid, though it did call to me and I was loath to turn around.

Todd on J-bake’s Leviathan

The descent was nearly chainless, and filled with golden hour light.

Another A-bomb dropped in the Tucson Mtns. All for our enjoyment.

2 hours up, half hour down. Another 7 mile grand total and another grand as you can imagine ride!

Peaceful at sunset, oh yeah.

J-bake and his wife outdid themselves on the east side techy tacos. So good I almost forgot how good the ride was. The bar has been raised for homemade techy tacos. Thanks so much you guys.

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