CocoMingoBob: a ~240 mile loop in Northern Arizona, created by Chad Brown and Scott Morris, as a response to the Grand Loop. Chad has never admitted to the true name of the CocoBob loop, but it persists nonetheless.

I had to skip the stage race last year due to a hurt back and disintegrating relationship. So I am overdue for another loop, and have never challenged it as a thru-ride. Am I recovered from AZT? Who knows. Who knows what that even means. Kurt issued the challenge, Aaron and I signed on, and it’s going to be a hoot.

As if the stoke level wasn’t high enough, Mike’s video helps things burn even brighter:

Touring the Coconino. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.

Gary and Cass (also Chris, Timmay and crew, on a separate trip) warmed the route up for us, and have reported lots of blowdown on Bill Williams Mtn. For more stokage, Cass got some amazing photos with a big camera: Coco-di-loco.

photo by cass gilbert

There’s only three of us on this informal ‘race’, and unlike every other self-supported race, there’s a prize. Box ‘o donuts to the winner. It’s serious business this time.

SPOT tracking:

We start bright and early Thursday morning.

Aaron holds the fastest time on the route at 35 hours, 30 minutes. I suspect whoever makes it back to Sedona first will shave some time off that, but as I am fond of saying, “there’s a lot that has to go right before that happens”, regardless of who it is.

No sleep. Not carrying any kind of bivy gear, just (hopefully) enough clothing for near freezing temps near Flag.

This might be the race that ‘should have been’ in this year’s AZT, if not for the storm shutting Aaron down, and me delaying my start. Aaron and I have the course knowledge advantage. Kurt’s riding a wave of fitness having crushed AZT, PMC and the Whiskey Pro race. Aaron has thru-ridden it, which helps for mental expectations. We are all pretty similar fitness-wise, but it’s hard to say who’s legs will be on, and who’s will not be. Hopefully everyone has stout tires, and no one will be stitching or hot patching. I’ve been struggling with May Tucson allergies, but hope that clears up with a night in Sedona. More than anything I am just looking forward to spending a bunch of time moving outside, again, and hopefully with a bit of like minded company at times.

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