Colorado Trail Race

Tomorrow (Sunday) I’m off to ride in the Colorado Trail Race. It’s been a semi-crazy week of moving back to Tucson, trying to find all my gear and setting up the SPOT tracker to be bombproof (hopefully!). We have a new site,, for all this SPOT tracking fun. The link to follow the …. [Continue reading]

Close the Gap

Paula and I always try to do at least a day of trailwork whenever we ‘summer’ in a new place. With the AZT going right through Flagstaff, it was a no brainer to join a ‘Close the Gap’ work event. There aren’t too many more miles to be built ’round the peaks, and …. [Continue reading]


Paula and I headed west from Flagstaff to meet up with Enel (Eric Nelson) for some Williams singletrack.

I commented to Paula as we left town that this was the first time we’ve driven to ride/run since arriving in Flag early in the summer. In this case, the trail is well worth the half hour …. [Continue reading]

Paunsaugunt Enduro

Dave Harris put on a gem of a race, the Paunsaugunt Enduro, that started just around the corner from Paula’s Bryce Canyon Half Marathon. It was too good a fit, so after the marathon, we moseyed on down to the campground to join a good crew of enduro nuts.

I was tired, but couldn’t sit …. [Continue reading]

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

Paula and I headed north from Flagstaff again, this time to Bryce Canyon, for a duo of races. Paula’s foot race was first. Having broke her back some five weeks ago, she didn’t know what to expect. She bounced back incredibly fast from the injury, but is still not 100%, and training has been light …. [Continue reading]


Paula and I drove up to Salt Lake for my sister’s wedding. We enjoyed the shorter drive, from Flagstaff, rather than the semi-epic of the usual Tucson->SLC trip.

It was mostly a family affair, and a good one at that (it was great to get everyone together). But we managed to squeeze in a bit …. [Continue reading]

Round the Peaks

With the help of some friends (thanks Troy and Nathan) I was able to piece together a singletrack heavy loop around Flagstaff’s biggest landmark — the San Francisco peaks. I’d done a loop around the peaks some 8 years ago, as part of a now-defunct race, but it was all on dirt roads. I wanted …. [Continue reading]


Chad: “Remember when 30 miles used to be epic?

…I miss those days.”

I do too, in a way. But epic is relative, and sometimes, like a cool Friday morning in Flagstaff, 30 miles can be epic again. No limits pushed or boundaries crossed, but satisfaction nonetheless, and no need to go further.

…. [Continue reading]


There’s a lot going on these days. Wouldn’t have it any other way, though I’m going to need to catch my breath at some point.

First, Mike Curiak is up for voting into the MTB Hall of Fame. His nomination is here: He’s up against some pretty serious competition, and I may …. [Continue reading]