Colorado Trail Race

Tomorrow (Sunday) I’m off to ride in the Colorado Trail Race. It’s been a semi-crazy week of moving back to Tucson, trying to find all my gear and setting up the SPOT tracker to be bombproof (hopefully!). We have a new site,, for all this SPOT tracking fun. The link to follow the race is:

There are around 40 people that are tracked there.

I have tried to ride from the Front Range to Durango a couple times now, and both times the trips have been derailed, often with weather being one of the big factors. I’m pretty determined to finish it up, and would like to think I can race a little too, but I’ve slipped more and more into a ‘fast tour’ mode as things got crazier and time got shorter. Which is fine. I’m just looking forward to having a ‘fun camping trip’ more than anything.

See ya in a week or so.

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