Agua Caliente Pastures

Alan and I spent another superb evening of challenge out at the Agua Caliente trail. I rode my other bike this time but an still unsure which one is “better.” My lungs burned throughout the climb, a function of my tired state as well as the springtime pollen that is continually causing me greif.

At …. [Continue reading]

The climb challenges of shoreline

4/23/04 – Arrived mid-day with just enough time to ride the climb challenges of the shoreline trail (Salt Lake foothills). The featured event was Hero Hill, so Brian and I headed there first. I was wondering a bit whether I would complete the feat (cleaning the climb with no dabs), since my legs were tired …. [Continue reading]

Hot Water Hill

Enjoyed a nice technical workout on the Agua Caliente trail this evening. The wind was completely out of control, but thankfully blowing us up the steep rocky trail. The parking lot was deserted, as usual, and not a soul on the trail.

Alan and I both struggled, dabbed and walked all over the place, but …. [Continue reading]

Rincon Wilderness?!

It is clear that the Rincon Mountains are not being managed as wilderness, by any interpretation of the word or law. It’s time for the NPS to either begin responsible management of the area or give up the wilderness distinction.

4/16 – Alan and I picked up our “back country” permit at the visitors …. [Continue reading]

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 is out, finally. Just as soon as it’s out, we’re off for a trip–3 days of backpacking in the Rincons. After the chaos of paper deadlines, taxes, teaching class and getting 2.0 out, it’s time for a break. When I say break, of course, I mean 3 days of strenuous climbing in some …. [Continue reading]


Working on taxes, version 2.0 of TopoFusion (we’re finally out of beta!), and a weekend plan. I found some very excellent topo maps of Mexico at the UofA library, but it sounds like we’ll be backpacking in the Rincons instead. Either suits me, really.


4/11 – Rode the tandum [sic] to the top of …. [Continue reading]

San Rafael, Canelo, Parker Canyon

4/8/04 – Alan, Paula and I loaded up the backpack, panniers and bob trailer (respectively) for a short tour in the San Rafael area. We started our trip in Patagonia, at the Arizona Trail parking lot, rolling out in the late morning.

It was warm and comfortable with large puffy clouds in the sky. We …. [Continue reading]

St. Louis

3/31/04 – Preparations and travel were exhausting. An $80 fee was demanded because my box contained a bicycle. Then, a large surprise as I stepped off the plane in St. Louis: the sun was nowhere to be seen. It was cold as we checked into the downtown Marriott, the ‘host’ hotel of the 2004 olympic …. [Continue reading]