I convinced Odin to head out to Chivo falls this morning, hoping that after last weeks rain we might catch some descending water.

The morning was perfect as we climbed Redington. No one was there and the landscape spoke silence. The high desert grasslands were green and beautiful.

As we rolled onto the new …. [Continue reading]


I felt top when I awoke, so I dusted off my full and went for a ride.

Like my dormant road bike, this bike hasn’t seen a ride in months. It was an interesting ride. It is setup aggressively (racing position) and it felt really comfortable. The rear shock was overkill, but it made Finger …. [Continue reading]


I am one of the wimpiest cyclists I know.

Last weekend I bailed out 3/4ths into the Tour of the White Mountains and this weekend I balied altogether on the Mt. Graham Hill climb.

As Odin and I rode up the Catalina highway today we were joined by another wimp on a road bike. He …. [Continue reading]

Cactus Forest

The cactus forest trail was re-opened today. A large group of eager cyclists met for the opening party, enjoyed some food and then rode the trail.

Hottie and I were there; it was a nice morning. I spent a few hours working on the trail a couple weeks ago, but this was my first time …. [Continue reading]


After hammering away at TopoFusion, trying to find trails, I met with my advisor for a short hour. Then, I continued westward to Sentinel Ridge and Starr Pass.

I was feeling good climbing through the future ‘wildcat’ subdivision (must enjoy it while we can), and even up ‘the wash’ I felt reasonable. As I started …. [Continue reading]

Montanas Blancas


After a week of dribbling, this weekend was the culmination of dribble-ville: the Tour of the White Mountains.

Devil bug’s hold on my upper resporitory system has been loose’d, but the fatigue continues. Fatigue is not a good demon to have haunting you before and during a 66 mile mountain bike race. But so …. [Continue reading]

Running Again

No updates for well over a week. FusionPHP 3.5 broke on me, so I was unable to post. Now we’re up and running on 3.61.

I will have to post back news later.

We’re off to the White Mountains for the 66 mile trail race. I won the race soundly two years ago, but I …. [Continue reading]


Hottie and I spent the weekend at Mt. Lemmon. We were pleasantly surprised to find a camp spot with few people around. In Cragspeak, the site would be a class 4+ with 2 fire rings, 2 scars, many felled trees, trash, beer cans, etc.

But it was acceptable for a night of car camping. The …. [Continue reading]

Redington Time

One of the books I read this summer was about the passage of time and our perceptions of it. It was a short book and overall it left me unsatisfied, but it had a number of interesting observations.

Everyone knows that time flies when you’re having fun. I also continually notice that my perception and …. [Continue reading]


There is more to wilderness management than impact (what I was mainly comparing in the previous entry). Clearly adding mountain bike access to many wilderness areas would have little effect on the overall impact. But there are other considerations as well.

Some view bikes as vehicles or obvious signs of civilization, modernization. One of the …. [Continue reading]

Mountain Bike

I joined MTBAccess last week. Formed in part by local heroes Mark F. and Steve A, they are focused on protecting and gaining access for mountain bicyclists. IMBA does access, but it is not the main driving force.

Here is a very good article about both organizations.

I am very new to the access/advocacy scene, …. [Continue reading]


I dusted off my roadie bike this morning. After six months the tires were happily still holding air. I headed off to Saguaro National Park East to watch Hottie dominate the race. Second place was over five minutes back on the 8 mile course.

At the race I ran into team captain and former single …. [Continue reading]