Pioneer Day

Our second hitch is complete. We are now in the process of readjusting to ‘normal’ life. The 8 days in the field went too quickly.

We started with a group of 13 (leave no trace) and ended with 4. After the big wigs and jokers left things improved rapidly. Everyone and their dog …. [Continue reading]

Divide and Conquer


Another morning at the bunkhouse and another ride. We headed to Twin Creek campground and parked admist the remnants of last night’s fire camp (trash, mainly). Out on highway 93 things were chilly, but the morning was fresh and it felt great. As we climbed towards Lost Trail Pass we watched a helicopter make …. [Continue reading]



While we were qwerty-ing at the Ranger Station a woman came into the office and asked if we were working. I responded, ‘no’ and then she asked if we wanted to work. ‘On what?’ I asked. She needed someone to drive to a campground to deliver a message to the fire crew. She said …. [Continue reading]

Divide Trail

1 Carl Lane Hughes Crick, ID 7/12/03

Today’s ride exceeded all expectations, though our expectations were admittedly very low. We started at Twin Creek campground and rode up 93 to Lost Trail Pass. Despite being Saturday we were not passed by many cars and there was actually a shoulder. Near the top an old couple …. [Continue reading]



Upon recommendation of a fellow Forest Service employee, we investigated a trail known as ‘Carl Gulch.’ This ride starts at the back of our living quarters (the ‘bunkhouse’), so if it was any good it would become our staple ride.

From the start things were not good. We lost the trail as soon …. [Continue reading]

Office Space


We spent the day at the Ranger Station–mostly wasting time. We eventually got on a computer and got TopoFusion working. It was a bit of a trial.

The best part of the day was spending over an hour filling out our timecards. It was nothing but hilarious. I was laughing because I came …. [Continue reading]

Hitch Numero Uno


North Fork, ID

We just got off our first ‘hitch’ here in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. Our mission was simple: GPS all of the system trails. We started a day late and finished a day early. I hiked (backpack and day-hike) some 75 miles in 5 days. TopoFusion claims 20,000 …. [Continue reading]


We’re off to Frank Church for a summer of backpacking and mapping trails for the forest service. We’ll be checking email at least weekly, so our responses won’t be nearly as quick.

There are a couple of known issues in the current release of TopoFusion:

1 – There is a major bug in the network …. [Continue reading]