Official site of the 2005 Great Divide Race:

Links to people we met during our trip:

MTBR coverage of the 2004 Great Divide Race. We saw Mike, Pete and Jan during the race.
Mike Mcann's site (N-S rider, 2004). We saw Mike near Flagg Ranch.
Dave Adamson's trip page. We camped with this group (including two 14 year olds!) at Red Rock Lake.
Jelle's 2004 trip page. We cycled with Jelle for a day near Steamboat.
Wayne Joerding's great divide page. In 2003 he rode to Rawlins, then finished it up this year

Links to other GDMBR journals / articles:

Stamstad's writeup on his 1999 record ride
Mike Curiak's 2003 attempt to break Stamstand's record
Mike Curiak's 2001 record ride through Colorado's GDMBR section
Chris Bennett's interesting 2002 N to S journal, though he often goes off the route without mentioning it.
The Casagrande's 2002 S to N trip report as the tail end of "plan B". Good but short.
Caryl and Brian's excellent journal of their 2000 trip
Ken and Rita's excellent journal of their 2002 trip
Micheal Morse's detailed journal of his 2002 trip
The second (1999) "great divide expedition" (adventure cycling led tour)
A 2003 trip self titled "Get off your ass and ride," though they often took rides and only made it halfway.
Douglas Hackey's 2004 motorcycle trip along portions of the GDMBR (inludes GPS data)
Pat Foreman's journal (2000). British humour, and major knee problems.
Lust for Dust -- 2003 S-N riders Renate and Bjorn. Nice site design.
Ron Faul's site from his 2006 trip. Comprehensive site.

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