Gear List

Bikes: Santa Cruz hardtails (Chameleon and Juliana)
Tubes: Slime, including Bob wheel (thus the lack of flats)
Trailer: Bob Yak
Panniers: Old Man Mountain Sherpa Rack. Arkel front panniers (used as rear)
Tent: Mountain Gear Light Wedge 2
Bags: Kelty and Big Agnes down bags
Pads: Thermarest (Paula's was a luxury model *grin*)
Stove: $10-special Coleman single burner propane
Filter: Katadyn Hiker


Laptop: Compaq Evo 410c
GPS: Garmin GPS Map 60CS
Camera: Canon 210s
Satellite Phone: GlobalStar (Thanks Mom! Sort of... *grin*)
Lights: Cateye HL-EL200 110 hours runtime!
Chargers: Computer AC, Camera, Sat. Phone, Lomar AA/AAA 2 hour charger
CF Card reader (for Camera)
Cables: GPS USB, Phone cable (needed this in a few motels)
MP3 Players (2): Creative Nuvo - no cables, direct USB connect

12 NiMH AA batteries (4 in each light, 4 for GPS)
4 NiMH AAA batteries (mp3 players)

I cursed these heavy (and largely unecessary) electronics throughout the trip. However, now that I'm not pulling the Bob I am happy that I have the GPS data, pictures and journal entries.

Bike Tools - always a tricky issue

* Topeak Alien mini-tool
Park mini-chain tool
6" adjustable wrench
Cassette tool (that fits 6" wrench--not easy to find)
3 extra spokes for front/rear wheels (our bikes had the same wheels)
Sachs powerlink (spare chain link)
Extra 5mm and 4mm allen wrench
* Quik-stick and 2 tire levers
Well stocked patch kit (over-stocked)
Park tire boots (3)
* Spare derailluer and brake cable
* 2 Slime Tubes
2 Regular Tubes
1 Slime Bob Tube
Zip ties (various sizes)
* Duct tape
* Dumonde Tech Lube / Shop rag

* - indicates a tool we actually used.

Mechanical Problems / Replacements
  • 1 frayed rear derailleur cable (fraying inside shifter). Replaced in Hartsel.
  • 1 stuck front derailleur cable/hosing (replaced by Outdoorsman bike shop in Butte)
  • 2 rear tire flats (1st flat held for 600 miles when pumped back up, 2nd had to be changed)
  • The bearings on Bob wheel gradually became seized, rolling on the axle instead. Fixed somewhat in Ovando.
  • Scott's cyclometer reset itself after a rainstorm in Ovando.
  • Scott's cheapo rear fender broke in Pinedale, WY. Didn't bother replacing it.
  • Replaced in Steamboat Springs: Scott's rear tire (already worn before the trip) and both chains.

    Other than these the only other maintenance I did was cleaning/lubing, derailleur adjustments and a bit of wheel truing. We feel extremely lucky that nothing show-stopping ever happened. This was partially due to gear selection and mechanical vigilance, but also just plain old luck.

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