Daily Summary, Journal Entries, Maps & Photos

Below is a table summarizing each day of our ride, with a link to the journal entry for that day as well as a map and photo page. The map/photo pages show not only what photos were taken that day, but where on the route they were taken (move the mouse over the camera icons to view the photos). This was done using TopoFusion's PhotoFusion feature. Unfortunately the GDMBR often crosses UTM zone boundaries, meaning that some of the resulting maps are half blank. Also, often many photos were taken in a small area, so the mouse-over will only show one of them. All of the photos are shown, in the order they were taken, in the thumbnail grid at the bottom of each page.

DayDestinationDiary EntryMap/PhotosMileageMoving timeTotal AscentTotal DescentAverage Speed
1Silver City, New MexicoDay 1 entryDay 1 map125.48 miles10:21:486491 feet5163 feet12.11 mph
2Camp near Rocky CanyonDay 2 entryDay 2 map45.63 miles5:10:394857 feet3354 feet8.81 mph
3Beaverhead work centerDay 3 entryDay 3 map36.98 miles4:59:034286 feet4952 feet7.42 mph
4Valle Tio Vinces campground (USFS)Day 4 entryDay 4 map71.05 miles7:19:414690 feet3378 feet9.70 mph
5Near El Malpais west wilderness (camp)Day 5 entryDay 5 map83.27 miles7:52:484327 feet4955 feet10.57 mph
6Grants, New MexicoDay 6 entryDay 6 map49.87 miles5:22:162801 feet3772 feet9.28 mph
7BLM wildlife exclosure (camp)Day 7 entryDay 7 map56.30 miles6:14:375084 feet5056 feet9.02 mph
8Cuba, New MexicoDay 8 entryDay 8 map62.41 miles6:16:224229 feet3804 feet9.95 mph
9Camp on Polvadera RidgeDay 9 entryDay 9 map76.67 miles8:42:058967 feet6841 feet8.81 mph
10Abiquiu (Rest)Day 10 entryDay 10 map18.80 miles1:53:34771 feet3132 feet9.93 mph
11Camp along Rio San AntonioDay 11 entryDay 11 map74.68 miles9:20:058768 feet5835 feet8.00 mph
12Conejos CG (USFS), ColoradoDay 12 entryDay 12 map54.02 miles7:02:525822 feet5839 feet7.66 mph
13Del Norte, ColoradoDay 13 entryDay 13 map65.99 miles7:10:516472 feet7379 feet9.19 mph
14Camp near Cochetopa PassDay 14 entryDay 14 map55.36 miles6:14:134814 feet3739 feet8.88 mph
15Salida, ColoradoDay 15 entryDay 15 map94.37 miles8:22:075833 feet7432 feet11.28 mph
16Hartsel Springs RanchDay 16 entryDay 16 map52.54 miles6:29:425494 feet3982 feet8.09 mph
17Silverthorne, ColoradoDay 17 entryDay 17 map68.25 miles7:10:025142 feet5082 feet9.52 mph
18Rest in SilverthorneDay 18 entryDay 18 map0.00 milesNo time data-3 feet-3 feet0.00 mph
19Mugrage Campground (BLM)Day 19 entryDay 19 map66.42 miles6:27:504669 feet6440 feet10.28 mph
20Steamboat Springs, ColoradoDay 20 entryDay 20 map59.56 miles6:40:405797 feet5759 feet8.92 mph
21Slater, Wyoming (River's Bend Campground)Day 21 entryDay 21 map69.24 miles7:16:565653 feet5691 feet9.51 mph
22Rawlins, WyomingDay 22 entryDay 22 map75.52 miles7:00:266147 feet5947 feet10.78 mph
23Great Basin BivouacDay 23 entryDay 23 map66.29 miles5:54:302668 feet2165 feet11.22 mph
24Atalantic City, WyomingDay 24 entryDay 24 map67.82 miles6:19:444233 feet3706 feet10.72 mph
25Pinedale, WyomingDay 25 entryDay 25 map86.57 miles8:42:545023 feet5516 feet9.93 mph
26Whiskey Grove campground (USFS)Day 26 entryDay 26 map36.75 miles3:47:311673 feet1087 feet9.69 mph
27Togwatee Lodge (west side of Togwatee Pass)Day 27 entryDay 27 map78.36 miles8:38:267041 feet6122 feet9.07 mph
28Bivouac on Warm Springs rail trailDay 28 entryDay 28 map97.32 miles8:11:324447 feet7394 feet11.88 mph
29Red Rock Wildlife Refuge campgroundDay 29 entryDay 29 map61.89 miles6:59:373204 feet2028 feet8.85 mph
30Lima, MontanaDay 30 entryDay 30 map56.50 miles4:59:182613 feet2935 feet11.33 mph
31Rest in LimaDay 31 entryDay 31 map0.00 milesNo time data-3 feet-3 feet0.00 mph
32Elkhorn Hot SpringsDay 32 entryDay 32 map105.39 miles10:06:206648 feet5634 feet10.43 mph
33Butte, MontanaDay 33 entryDay 33 map84.09 miles8:53:266912 feet8542 feet9.46 mph
34Park Lake campground (USFS)Day 34 entryDay 34 map52.74 miles7:08:284795 feet3925 feet7.39 mph
35Lincoln, Montana (RV park)Day 35 entryDay 35 map86.65 miles10:24:228661 feet10479 feet8.33 mph
36Ovando, MontanaDay 36 entryDay 36 map36.38 miles3:48:232421 feet2906 feet9.56 mph
37Swan Valley Super 8Day 37 entryDay 37 map82.41 miles9:07:416139 feet6723 feet9.03 mph
38Whitefish, MontanaDay 38 entryDay 38 map96.72 miles9:19:566669 feet7114 feet10.36 mph
39Roosville, Canada (FIN)Day 39 entryDay 39 map111.26 miles10:09:227464 feet7820 feet10.95 mph

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