Tracking the Baja

For a week or so, my monitor looked like this. The biggest event in trackleaders history rolled out last weekend. There were nearly 300 SPOTs in play, and as many supplemental data loggers. Hundreds of thousands of pageviews. A brand new full screen interface developed and put to the test. Late nights that …. [Continue reading]

Not a girlfriend ride

Oh-dark-thirty start, riding straight down Speedway

Riding down the backside of Lemmon has always been somewhat of a dubious prospect. Adventure trails, every last one of them. They’ve all epic’d more than a few mountain bikers.

And that’s if you shuttle them. We were up early, on a perfect day.

…. [Continue reading]

First week in AZ

back in the land of the saguaro!

There has been SO much to see and do in Tucson.

First up, the Tucson mountains, right out the door.

I navigated us towards some good rocks to play on, but I don’t think either of us were quite ready for …. [Continue reading]

Warming up in St. George

We were overdue for a ride in the desert. Colorado’s not ‘bad’ in October, but the desert sure is nice.

The sun held a strength I hadn’t felt for weeks. Calm air, even on the mesa tops. I couldn’t stop smiling, and repeating variations of “I’ve missed the desert”, “it feels …. [Continue reading]