Summer travels

We’ve moved around a fair bit this summer. It just feels natural to me. I can’t really remember what it’s like to live in the same place for 12 months at a time. Maybe it was Tucson’s scorching heat that led me to roaming. Cooler places and big mountains call loudly in the …. [Continue reading]

Wasatch 100 #3 (subtitle: runners are strong, cyclists are weak, but maybe not as weak as previously thought)

This one has been a long time coming. The Wasatch Front 100.

Fifteen years ago, I still lived in Salt Lake City, and I remember exploring remote pieces of trail in the Sessions Mountains, my brothers and I trying to follow the Wasatch 100 running route. My brother carried a borrowed a GPS …. [Continue reading]

Salida, Winter Park, Nederland, Leadville, Mt. Elbert!

We spent a little bit of time organizing ‘life’ in Durango, determining that we only needed one car for the next phase of adventures and travels. It may have been a completely packed Sports Van, and occasionally our piles of junk may seem like a lot of stuff. But if it all fits …. [Continue reading]