High 50 High Jinx

Louis is off to lands far, but first he showed me some of the 50 year “B lines”.

The man rides like no one else. His terrain (west side Catalinas) has shaped him. Yet many ride here, few like he does.

Louis doesn’t cut vegetation for his lines. He considers it …. [Continue reading]

Snow Mission

I got up early to check out Tucson’s once-in-a-decade snow fall. Unwilling to risk life and limb driving (most bridges were closed making it hard to get anywhere early), I rode north to the mountains, mostly on trail and a bit on side streets.

Catalina Mountains at first light.

I got there just …. [Continue reading]

The new rage

It’s the new rage that’s sweeping the city. Get on the bandwagon before everyone else falls off!

Climbing Milagrosa.

OK, it’s just the new rage for Jay and myself.

I realized today that I had climbed the trail four times since returning to Tucson, and have yet to descend it. That’s just not right.

…. [Continue reading]

No Bug Springs work on account of snow/rain.

I rode bikes instead.

Alvernon bridge construction is done.

New boulders are appearing.

From who knows where.

Took some metal off my bash ring.

The Miracle Ridge sings its siren song.




I finally made it out to Brown Mountain. Self-imposed ride length limits have prevented me from venturing far enough west. But no more.

I met Tim and Zach at the golf course lot. It’s the SDMB ‘single shuffle’ ride, but it was only the three of us. Zach had work, so he peeled off …. [Continue reading]


I pointed the car north, through Flagstaff, coming to rest at the stateline AZT trailhead.

1.2 miles from the northern terminus of the AZT is the wire pass trailhead. The wire pass trail:

The sensation of being trapped, outdoors, is an odd one. Outside is associated with wide open spaces and an escape from …. [Continue reading]