Racing the Arizona Trail

AZT Rules

Guiding principles are self-support and equal opportunity.

1. Complete the entire route, under your own power.
2. No support crews
3. No caches
4. No motorized transport or hitch-hiking, even off route
5. Gear - Nothing required, nothing prohibited

The following are allowed, but not encouraged.  Use sparingly.

6. Unplanned support from other AZT racers is OK
7. Trail magic OK - but please, no begging
8. Mailing stuff ahead to Post Offices is OK

For the full Arizona Trail Race the following rule is

* You must carry your disassembled bike from the south to north rim
of the Grand Canyon.  Absolutely no riding or pushing (rolling) of the 
bicycle is allowed.

If you are caught rolling or pushing your bike you will be disqualified
and banned from all future events.  No exceptions.

QUESTIONS?  Better to ask before the race starts.