Installing TopoFusion on Windows 95/98/Me

TopoFusion is fully compatible with older versions of windows. Chances are it will install and run without a hitch. However, it requries two things that you may need to manually update.

If you get the following error message upon installing: GPSMaster.ocx failed to register. Ensure you have DirectX 7.0 or later, and visual basic runtime files. Contact for help.

This means you do not have a current version of Microsoft's DirectX. The latest version can be downloaded free at Microsoft's website.

VB Runtime
TopoFusion requries the visual basic runtime libraries (included with all later versions of windows and installed by many other programs). If you get an error message on running TopoFusion: A required .dll file, msvbvm60.dll, was not found

You should install the visual basic runtime found here.

Note that the self extractor extracts another .EXE file, that you must run for the install to complete.

You may need to re-run the TopoFusion installer after running the VB runtime files.

Still having trouble installing?

If you are experiencing problems installing TopoFusion please email

System Requirements:

Microsoft DirectX 7.0 or higher
Intel Pentium or faster (or equivalent)
Windows 95 or later
16mb of RAM
1mb Video card
Active Internet connection (maps are stored for offline use)