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The Ultimate Card Game
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   Six Suits        2  Trumps
100 Cards 2-6  Players
Everything Else is Child's Play

     Whether you've played bidding games like Bridge, Pinochle, or Spades, or you're just becoming familiar with bidding games, congratulations on finding what millions of card players have waited years to play--Roolz. With six suits, two trumps and 100 cards, the game of Roolz is more exciting than any bidding game you've ever played. We're so sure that this is the ultimate bidding game that we'll refund your money if you don't agree.  

Look for Roolz in the 1998 Games Magazine Buyers' Guide.  
Roolz is proud to be a Top 100 Game.  Of Roolz, Games Magazine wrote, "Roolz is a mind-bending challenge for thoze folkz who love gamez like Pinochle, Spadez, Bridge, and Heartz."  To read the full article, click here.  

 Now Available 
Roolz for Windows 95 
I can't wait!  DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
Why are we giving away Roolz for Windows 95 for Free?  
We're giving it away as a promotion.  We realize that it's quite ambitious of us to claim that Roolz is the Ultimate Bidding Game.  Bridge, Spades, Hearts...they were all good games.  But now there's something better.  Don't take our word for it. Download the game and see for yourself.  And when you find yourself addicted to the added excitement of six suits and two trumps, we're confident you'll want a 100-card deck so you can play all the 2-6 player versions with your friends.  

Are you ready for Six Suits, Two Trumps, and 100 Cards? 
Excellent!  We have your deck ready for shipping.  SetSystems guarantees the privacy of your order form, including state-of-the-art encryption.  You can also place your order via phone, fax, or e-mail, if you prefer.  Click HERE  for details. 

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