Sutherland, Baby Jesus, 50 Year

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Name:Sutherland, Baby Jesus, 50 Year
Description:Rode from Home Depot in Oro Valley into Catalina State park for a quick loop around the Canyon View trail (Romero/Sutherland). Then we took the sandy bridle trail to the 50 year trail and turned right up Sutherland. Sutherland is one of the rockiest roads in Tucson, but an excellent climb. Then we challenged the Baby Jesus "trail" and did suprisingly well (we didn't walk the whole thing). Before returning on the 50 year trail we rolled out for a deer camp / middle gate loop. Superb weather, but encountered dozens of other trail users.
Author:Scott Morris
URL:TopoFusion Home Page
Keywords:Sutherland, Baby Jesus, 50 Year, Catalina State Park
Trip Length: 29.22 miles
Total Trip Time:4:52
Total Climbing: 3987 feet
Total Descending: 3998 feet
Average Speed: 7.38 mph