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TF’s address search

Version 5.13 of the software is now out. We’ve brought back the mapquest/nominatim address search function. A week or so ago it was disabled since mapquest now requires an API key to use it. Every version 5.13+ of TopoFusion will now work with our API key.

The Map menu has be reconfigured to be more intuitive — it’s grouped by map type. Thanks to TF user Wayne for the excellent suggestion on that one.

We’ve also fixed a couple of long standing and very difficult bugs — one is a persistent one that affects crashes on startup. We’ve counseled lots of folks over the years to use the “Reset TF to default settings” option in the Start Menu in order to get their copy of TF to be able to start up. That should not be needed nearly as much now!

Another is in saving out the ‘live track’ in Live Tracking. We believe intermittent (and system-dependent) issues should now be a thing of the past. Thanks to the several users that helped us debug that one.

There’s a new button in the Download Tracks dialog that helps you determine if you’ve already downloaded a day’s ride/run/hike/drive/whatever — it’ll highlight files that are not in your logbook — meaning you haven’t downloaded it yet.

In other news,, the old Terraserver, has been serving up maps again. The server can be a little finicky yet, but maps are coming down.

Update your TF and check out the new version (full list of changes below), or if you are new to TopoFusion, go ahead and try the demo. And as always, let us know what you think, especially if you have a suggestion for a new feature or different way the software should work.


Team TopoFusion

Head over to the Download Page to try TopoFusion out, free of charge.

Registered users refer to your registration email for the download link, or go here to request your code and the download URL.

Full list of changes

For a complete list of changes see the Revision History, or keep reading here for what has changed since the last public release:

5.13 – [9/26/15]

Reworked ‘Map’ menu to be more intuitive and grouped by map type
Created ‘Toggle’ menu, with toggles originally in Map menu
Set ‘US Topo’ minimum zoom to 15, while server continues to give 503 errors
Added ‘Highlight files missing from Logbook’ function to download tracks dialog
Fixed crash issues in Live Tracking when saving out live track to GPX
Fixed issue with uploaded tracks not showing up on newer Garmin units (due to
being stored as not in GPX). (e.g. files from
Fixed Address Search function (due to Mapquest requiring API key)
Fixed issues with startup crashes due to invalid starting UTM position
Fixed issues with crash reporter
Removed Trackleaders SPOT replay function – replays available direct at

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