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v5.06 – Post-CDT Revisions

October 20th, 2014

author Scott Morris, thru-rode the CDT, summer 2014

TopoFusion author Scott Morris is back from the trail, after a 4+ month break from the computer. He spent the summer cycling and hiking the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDNST) along with his partner Eszter Horanyi. It’s believed they are the first people to traverse the trail from end to end by mountain bike.

Scott is back on the computer now and a new version of TopoFusion is out, version 5.06. This revision updates a number of server access methods, so if you are getting lots of stuck ‘downloading’ tiles, it’s time to update! It also fixes a number of bugs, including one that has been longstanding and difficult to squash. See below for full revision details.

To read more about “CDTBike” — traversing the CDT by bike, head over to Scott’s CDT 2014 Journal for full journal entries, tons of photos, and of course, some GPX data.


Team TopoFusion

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Full list of changes

For a complete list of changes see the Revision History, or keep reading here for what has changed since the last public release:

5.06 – [10/20/14] (Full Release)

Fixed “Access Violation in Paint” bug when dealing with bad server tiles
-Possible source of many intermittent crashes
“Correct Elevation using DEM” button now affects/assigns waypoint elevations
(previously only trackpoints were affected)
Fixed D3D errors when using GPS Livetracking and coming back from
Hibernation/Sleep mode

5.05 – [10/8/14] (Beta)

Fixed Color Aerial tileset due to server change
Fixed USTopo tileset due to server change
Fixed USGSImagery tileset due to server change
Fixed source of crash in Live Tracking with Garmin USB devices
Added experimental auto track join to Debug menu


  1. Brian Says:

    Any chance of getting the FSTopo layer in a future revision? This seems to offer the best USFS, BLM, and Wilderness boundary data, at least in places. Keep up the good work!

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Brian,

    We did investigate adding that map layer to TF, however access to it is not free. We don’t currently have the resources to pay what the owner (Caltopo) is asking for access.

    We’ll continue to keep our eyes out for other great sources of data — please let us know if you come across any others.



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