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Version 5.0 released!

April 30th, 2014

v5.0 new splash screen

We’re excited to announce the release of TopoFusion version 5.0! Over four years of development went into version 4.0, arriving at where the software is today. The list of new features, fixes and improvements is too long to list here. Thanks to all our users for coming along for the ride. You see, much of TopoFusion development is user driven. We love to hear about cool projects or off-the-wall ideas for cool things you can do with maps, GPS, trackers, trails and everything in between!

Since the last revision 4 release the most notable change is in the map tilesets. We’ve improved download reliability, added a very high res “USGS” color aerial layer, and replaced the dragging “US Topo” with a unique topo layer.

Update your TF and check it out (full list of changes below), or if you are new to TopoFusion, please try the demo. And as always, let us know what you think, especially if you have a suggestion for a new feature or different way the software should work.


Team TopoFusion

Head over to the Download Page to try TopoFusion out, free of charge.

Registered users refer to your registration email for the download link, or go here to request your code and the download URL.

Full list of changes

For a complete list of changes see the Revision History, or keep reading here for what has changed since the last public release:

5.0 – [4/30/14] (Full Release)

Public release of version 4.86. New version 5.0!

4.86 – [4/18/14] (Beta)

Added new “USGS Imagery” tileset (Color Aerials, some very high res). Find it
in the map menu. Shortcut key “U” reassigned from Urban to USGS Imagery.
US Topo DRG server deprecated. Replaced with new USGS Topo basemap server, with
faster response and more up to date maps. Not topo quads, though.
Color Aerial tileset response significantly improved. Less “retry” tiles and
server errors.
New 2014 Splash/About screens
Added 38400 baud rate to GPS dialog
Added error message for newer google map kml files (while https support is being
investigated for addition to TF).
Updated google sat tileset request string.
Fixed runner icon coming up on profile when profiling tracks without elevation
Fixed intermittent crash when switching from merging tracks to drawing a new one
Fixed issue removing (clearing) a track segment’s name
Fixed erroneous elements in .FIT download (e.g. Edge 800)
– Caused uploaded tracks to be invisible on some GPS units
Updated NSIS installer, to remove “This program may not have installed
Correctly” message on Windows 7/8.

4.85 – [11/14/13] (Beta)

Added Trackleaders off-road penalty scoring system to debug dialog (under dev)

4.84 – [11/6/13] (Beta)

Added auto track splitting for MiniHomer download

4.83 – [10/31/13] (Beta)

Fixed issue saving out live track, causing “TopoFusion is not responding”
Added debug dialog support for MiniHomer GPS, via GPSBabel
Further forced Garmin mass storage GPS units to upload in GPX, not TCX

4.82 – [10/13/13] (Beta)

Added true north bearing to comment field of PhotoFusion placed photos/waypoints
Fixed date input for NMEA raw log imports (.txt)
Fixed double clicked GPX file association when TF not already running
Changed Garmin 705 (and others) upload from TCX to GPX
Fixed jittery playback in profile tool (single track playback) when zoomed out
Fixed profile tool positioning for tracks with sub-second GPS data


  1. Scott Morris Says:

    Right now this version of TopoFusion is having issues downloading maps from both the “Color” and “USGS Imagery” tilesets.

    This is due to a server change. Unfortunately as I am on the trail for the summer I cannot research this and compile a new version of the software. It will likely be September when we get this fixed.

    All other map types are downloading fine as of this time.

    Luckily there are other excellent choices for aerial imagery, like Open Aerial. There is also a hidden feature to download very high res and fast color aerials. Email us if you’d like to use this in the interim while we wait to get these tilesets back.


  2. Scott Morris Says:

    Both map types are back in version 5.06 — please update if you haven’t already.


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