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TopoFusion is 10 years old! The program has come a long way since the initial release on September 16th, 2002. It was a pretty bare bones piece of software compared to what it is today, but still had nice features and innovations that we take for granted today.

It was the result of an intensive summer spent programming and riding bikes. Alan and Scott Morris worked in different locals (Arizona and Utah) collaborating and sharing code and ideas as it went. They both had a full load of classes at the University of Arizona that started in the fall, but were able to push it out a few weeks after courses start.

Here’s the first announcement made, to the usenet newgroups “alt.satellite.gps”:

TopoFusion – New Topo/Aerial GPS Mapping Software

Back then the only map server was Terraserver (now there are over a dozen), no 3D, no user maps, no WMS support, no DEM data, and on and on.

We’d like to thank all the users of the software (registered or not) for supporting us throughout the years. TopoFusion has been a wonderful “job”, from getting to use the software ourselves (we love it), interesting programming challenges, to meeting lots of great folks and hearing about how they use the software. It really has been surprising to see the wide variety of people and uses that find the software to fit their needs.

To celebrate, we’re offering 30% off any version of TopoFusion. Use the following code at checkout.

(Sale is over, sorry!) Here’s to another 10 years of awesome GPS Mapping! Thanks!!

Head over to the Download Page to try TopoFusion out, free of charge.

Registered users refer to your registration email for the download link, or go here to request your code and the download URL.

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  1. Bob Maloney Says:

    Congratulations!!! Thanks for a great piece of software!!!

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