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Feature Requests / Some ideas
« on: March 13, 2019, 04:36:40 PM »
Hello, thank you for adding me to the forum.

I was looking for an application to show my photos from my long road trips in the US in 2017 and 18 (nearly 40,000 miles by car) and came across TopoFusion.

The application ticks most boxes and I am considering purchase (although a smidgin expensive for my personal use).

I have a few ideas which would enhance the use for me...

1) when photos are imported via PhotoFusion it would be good to have one or more relevant EXIF/IPTC metadata fields included and available for display alongside or within the thumbnails so that it easier to identify where the photo was taken.

2) when generating a HTML file from within PhotoFusion it would be nice to be able to select the elements required eg I would only generally want the HTML with map and thumbnails and don't need the altitude graph.

For your consideration and comment.

Regards, Jeff

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