Arizona Trail Race 2019 and beyond

start of the first Arizona Trail 300. 2006 with six riders and two finishers


I’m stepping down as the ‘unofficial’ race director of the AZTR. It’s always been a loosely organized and underground ‘event’, but still does carry with it some work and weight of responsibility. For a number of reasons it makes sense for me to move away from it and transition to new leadership.

That leadership is one John Schilling and I cannot imagine a better choice. I’m really pleased that he is up to the task and that the AZTR will live on. He’s got more stoke for the trail than anyone, and knows it better than anyone from a bikepacking perspective. Thanks for stepping up, John!

The new website is here:

Please note that 2019 will be a transitional year. John is the new RD de facto but I’ll still be around. I’ll be involved with the tracking as well. There’s a new email address for questions, but please don’t expect a super quick response. John may also not be in attendance at the start, as his plans to ride the 300 are still a little up in the air. Either he or perhaps long time AZTR supporter and Tim McCabe will be on hand to pass out SPOT trackers, and maybe give the little spiel before starting.

I want to thank everyone that has been involved over the years. The Arizona Trail Association itself deserves most of the credit for the trail itself. The trail was the inspiration for the race, plain and simple. So many people have ridden and pushed their hearts out on the trail as a part of the event and the stories that have emerged from it have been beyond epic and beyond inspiring. I know that for me the AZT and all my adventures on it have been transformative in my life and oh-so-memorable.

Thanks everyone and here’s to 2019 and beyond!  I’ll be following along.


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  • Scott,
    I am honored and extremely humbled to assume the reigns of this non-event. You have brought so much inspiration to not only myself, but countless others to push farther, longer & harder than anyone of us thought possible. Thank you for that. The tradition will continue!!

    I look forward to our next outing on the trails, maybe even the AZT!!

    Forever indebted to hike-a-bike appreciation from you!!


  • Vik

    Thanks for all your efforts Scott. Events, even unofficial ones, don’t just happen.



  • Walter

    I appreciate all of your time and devotion! Bikepacking is awesome but keeping events alive is hard. Glad you passed the torch to someone who can continue the tradition.

  • Ilan Tevet

    Scott, while I haven’t yet the opportunity to participate in it, from following and reading rider stories, the AZTR sounds to me as a category of its own. But, non organized events don’t just organize themselves, and your long years of contribution to making it happen, and setting such a high standard will not be forgotten. Thank you, friend!

  • Paul Wissenbach

    Thanks Scott! Last year was my first time doing the 300 and at the end I swore I would never do that again. For some inexplicable reason I find myself planning to come back and do the 750. Thanks for your tireless efforts and all you have given to the community through this non-event and your promotion of bikepacking in general. It is equally fun (maybe even more fun) to be able to use trackleaders to follow the AZT and other ultra endurance non-events.

  • Thanks, Scott. Thanks, Tim. Thanks, John. I’m excited to get to toe the line again this year.

  • Joan Vandenbos

    Scott, for a “non-event” the AZTR attained an almost mythic status. John Shilling, kudos for continuing a grand tradition. I’m proud to say I was there, peripherally, from the get-go. Scott, you got a lot of mileage out of that UofA jersey and I sure recognize the guy in yellow and blue on the far right!

  • Anonymous

    Scott, Thanks for the AZTR and all your work over the years!!

  • Rich Wolf

    So now I have to have my Lawyer contact John for all the pain and suffering you have put me through???

    Cheers and thanks for the memories!

  • Hal Loewen

    Scott, thanks for all of you efforts, though, and planning involved with this event.

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