Day 66 – ice cream and tasty singletrack

I feel like we just did a nice evening mountain bike ride. We did, of course. But this felt like a ride you’d do from home, or that you would do while visiting a Colorado mountain town. You know, regular old mountain biking — not backcountry CDT style riding.

What a surprise to …. [Continue reading]

Day 65 – Magic in the Basin

There’s hike-a-bike in the Basin. Who knew?

There’s also good water. And trees. And rocks. Mountain biking!

The CDT has its own route through the Great Basin, since walking the big wide roads of the GDMBR would be sub-fun. We were excited to see what it would bring us.

It’s called the great basin because …. [Continue reading]

Days 62 and 63 – The Battle of Battle Pass

Well, we finally got a touch of bad luck. It really has been incredible how well things have gone, and for so long. To think that we are over 60 days riding (plus 2 weeks off in Durango) and thus far it has been such smooth sailing. Great weather, pretty favorable winds, excellent mechanical luck, …. [Continue reading]

Days 60 and 61 – Springs of Steamboat and finishing Colorado

It’s hard to break the town vortex while on the CDT. Even harder when you have good friends, and it’s 90 degrees out.

By the time we left ‘the boat’, we knew it was going to be dark at Strawberry Hot Springs. Not the ideal situation, having never been there before. The road was much …. [Continue reading]

Day 59 – Inbetween the Rabbit Ears are lots of bugs and tons of rocks!

20 miles yesterday, 60 or so today.  So it goes on the CDT.

From our buggy camp the trail continued in rough condition, on par with what came before.  Deadfall everywhere, a forgotten road.

We reached the divide and transitioned from grassy meadow with no trace of trail to a beaten in 2-track.  It was …. [Continue reading]

Day 58 – Lowest mileage day yet?

5:45pm – this is the earliest we have stopped all summer. We had just waited out a thunderstorm near treeline and threatening skies had pushed us through the last miles of Poison Ridge. We had escaped into the lower trees. A glance ahead on the GPS revealed we were set to climb right back …. [Continue reading]

Day 57 – Shadow of Parkview

If not for the mosquitoes, this is a perfect camp. The trail here is right along the divide, and we are camped just off if, next to small outcropping. The view is huge. We can see Longs Peak, Wolverine Ridge and all of the terrain of the last half a day of riding.

We …. [Continue reading]

Day 56 – Wilderness or wilderness? To Grand Lake!

Back on the trail!  Despite five or so days off, and only one day ride, it was the smoothest transition back yet. We might be getting a few things dialed in, or it might just be that for once we weren’t facing 4000 or more feet of climbing out of the gate.  4000+ has …. [Continue reading]

CDTbike photos – Leadville to Winter Park

We’re gearing up for the next leg out of Winter Park. Familiarity is running out. Wyoming is coming.

It’s been great to watch it rain from indoors, and great to rest some, too. Days off end up being pretty chaotic, too, trying to catch up with emails, trackers and whatever else is going on in …. [Continue reading]

CDTbike photos – Lake City to Leadville

Flying by bike.

From Lake City we were on a big Wilderness detour. When the roads are dirt, beautiful and car-free, it’s hard to complain.

Especially because those roads lead you to sweet and juicy trail.

Oh yeah!

Find camp and ready ourselves for the punishment of Sargents Mesa.

…. [Continue reading]

CDTbike photos – Durango to Lake City

After nearly two weeks off the trail, which we spent day riding, working and catching up with friends, we loaded up the bikes and rolled out of Durango.

It was a long detour around the Weminuche Wilderness, but it meant we got to ride 74 miles of Colorado Trail. A good choice for a CDTbike …. [Continue reading]

Day 50 – a grand finale to the first half of the CDT

Motivation wasn’t high in Georgetown. We felt like zombies after a late nap at the Super Ocho. The thought of hitting the trail early to tackle more riding above treeline didn’t sound too appealing. Sleeping in did. Summit County and Argentine had hammered us.

After stuffing ourselves silly with pizza, things started to look better. …. [Continue reading]

A single photo

This means a lot to me now. A photo of mine is on a beautiful Continental Divide Trail display on Berthoud Pass. It’s of a mountain biker riding the CDT in Montana. But he’s not just mountain biking, bikepacking! And it’s not just any rider, but bikepacking pioneer Mike Curiak. Knowing what I now …. [Continue reading]

Day 49 – Storm Dodging over Argentine Pass

It can’t take us more than 3 hours to get to Argentine Pass, can it?  We’ll have plenty of time to beat the storms.

For being a map guy, I sure didn’t check the maps.  I assumed it would be a hair over 12,000 feet.  Why?  I’m not sure.

Eszter knew better.  The top …. [Continue reading]

Day 48 – Cjell Searle, Gumbo Gold

Currently sitting under a staircase, waiting for the rain to let up. We knew this was coming.

We actually haven’t seen much rain, but we did find our way into some gumbo mud. The trail was rerouted for the logging of beetle kill, closing a mile of trail and putting us on a …. [Continue reading]

Day 47 – Recovery Money

Cjell Mone (pronounced Shell Money) joined us today. He claimed that we were his heroes and that it would make a young boy’s dream come to true to ride with us. But we all know who the real legend on the divide is.

We met up at the Tennesse Pass Cafe, for a late …. [Continue reading]

Day 46 – A Dreamy Colorado day on the CDT

Ummm, yeah, today was a good day. It didn’t seem like it was going to go that way at first.

We woke up along Clear Creek, with a nice warm up on roads. We stopped at Vicksburg to check out the ghost mining town. There you can ‘push the button’ and hear a bunch of …. [Continue reading]

Day 45 – How to cover miles on a town day.

Despite being a town and rest day, we covered some miles. Bikes are like that sometimes.

We woke up late from our Colorado Trail campsite and left even later. We knew town was not far. We saw peak baggers heading up to Mt. Princeton and a couple CT hikers.

The trail itself was tasty. …. [Continue reading]

Day 44 – CDT hike-a-bike beatdown

Flat ground. No mosquitoes. Warm temps. No threat that each and every one of our worldly belongings will be blown off the divide and into Saguache County.

Where’s the challenge?

This camp is going to be oh so nice!

It’s great to be back on the Colorado Trail after a good long CDT beatdown. …. [Continue reading]

Day 43 – Empty crest, buggy camp

It was hard to leave Salida but the trail called.  The transition from town to trail is always a difficult one, made even more so when it is a town you love.

We saw a couple more friends, by good fortune, before finally getting our act together and hitting the trail.

The 4th was a …. [Continue reading]