Winter blur, part 2

More choice moments frozen in time, a midst a busy time.

Mental health hour at Starr Pass. Just about every other hour was on the computer the weekend of Iditarod and the San Felipe 250. Endurance programming, complete with sleep deprivation. Running events is, in many ways, more exhausting than participating in them!

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Winter blur, part 1

We’ve got a plan for the next few weeks. It’s one of the best plans possible: Ride the Arizona Trail!

While I knew that I needed to get out on ‘the trail’ this spring, things were not quite right for a full bore race attempt. A growing tracking business stole much of my focus, and …. [Continue reading]

Fatbikes on the Camino del Diablo

A brief program note / reminder first. Camp Tucson is this weekend. Come on out and ride.

Back in 2006, somehow Lee Blackwell and I convinced ourselves that riding the Camino Diablo was a good idea. I think the Pugsley fatbike was in its infancy, and of course Mike Curiak and other AK superheroes had …. [Continue reading]