Three fifty

A weekly dose of the “Fifty” is what Dr. Morris prescribed (for himself).

To help balance out an all-too-busy February in the tracking world.

Good for the mental health.

Good for the body.

Good for the adrenal system!

nice gap move, Tim

Good for reminding that things you may not think possible, are.

In summary, a regular dose of the fifty is just plain good for the soul.

Don’t fall in the chasm of doom, Chad!

Tim’s been a great addition to ride, wow-ing us with moto-style skills that we simply do not possess. Time to learn.

We’ve been reviving some forgotten lines.

All rocks deserve to be ridden, to be loved, too.

We sure love the rocks out there.

Sure love everything out there.

That’ll go, right? No one made until the next weekly dose of 50, though.

Chad going big with the classic grimace. Nice one.

Is this place for real?

Rolling into more scrumptious golden light.

Another lap of Cheezy Pleazers? Why, yes, please!

An interesting crew formed for this week’s ride.

Sean owned the place. Probably the most confident riding at the 50 I have yet seen.

It was great to have John down to check out the 50, and ride some cool lines, too.

We were joined by Rob Bauer, killing it on his klunker.

“Here’s the deal… bring biking back to affordable and achievable. Not to squash the enthusiasts on the far end but to leave an open door, or entry point for those wanting in. Be the change you wish to see… right? For one year, 2014, I’m going to ride one bike (Transition Bikes Klunker) with one speed and one brake for under one thousand dollars. Married, father of two, show it can be done and have just as much fun.”

John’s happy to have survived that one. Nice.

More coaster brake madness.

Jason is a long time TopoFusion user, and has helped me out with testing the software. Cool to get to ride with him.

Alex is also from Phoenix, down to check out some new rocks.

Chad eyes a new line.

Chad eyes the dirt! He’ll be back with the correct bike next time.

Rob lives right near the 50, but had never seen this rock, or realized it could be ridden.

He knows it now. Can’t believe he rolled that on the klunker.

The ever reddening sky calls an end to another healthy dose.

Ah, three weeks of the fifty. Hopefully many more to come.

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