Moments end

Eszter got a new Salsa pony! We hemmed and hawed about where to take her for the maiden voyage. Both of us were pretty fried from two six hour days riding with Jeny in the high country. Neither of us had had enough high country time (as if ‘enough’ is possible), but neither wanted to climb steep singletrack either. Various options were thrown around, then the perfect one came out of my mouth, without me even realizing what I was saying.

“Sold!” says Ez.

someone’s a little bit excited!

“You and me, Pony, we’re going to go on lots of adventures!”

Climb new dirt, new views of terrain we are quickly falling in love with.

As the pedals turn, discussions of life. Meanings, relationships, old and new, time outdoors, work.

On the Colorado Trail, nearing Cascade Creek. I am never going to get tired of going here. Of being here.

So much life here.

So much life giving inspiration.

Push into new trail, toward treeline. Storms keep their distance. The sun flirts with the cloud line, mingling with the green. So green.

A love affair with a mountain, Engineer. An ever deepening love with a girl.

Trails contour. Wrap around mountains too big for words. Nearly too high to dream of.

Late in the evening, the sun blows everything away. Colors we can only dream of.

Time slows. The wind ceases even to gently breathe. Sun rays so warm on the skin. Flowers too many to count, overwhelming color.

The perfect evening. I do not want this moment to end, ever.

Pedaling and moving in slow motion. Even the steeps have no effect. Effortless flow.

An endless fragment of time does end. Descent and darkness call.

Power pony, new speed. Eszter fall down, go boom. “Tee heee…. I was going soooo fast!”

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