Camp Tucson v1.0

Camp Tucson v1 is in the books.

12 or 13 riders showed up for the first ‘warmup’ day — a Tucson classic of Redington -> Chiva 4×4 roads -> AZT -> Milagrosa. Adam, Max and Aaron destroyed the Redington climb, right out of the gate. I caught back on due to not having …. [Continue reading]

Bachelor Bikepacking

First, a few program notes. This weekend, starting tomorrow is Camp Tucson. 3 days, 3 big rides. Come on out! …. [Continue reading]

Back in the Desert

Convalescence was the name of the game, back in Anchorage, especially for Eszter and even for me. Mine may have been a pleasure tour, but it was still a big week of riding, by any standard. I’ll call it ‘base training’, just because the hours on the bike were there, and just because …. [Continue reading]

Great Alaskan Adventure (part 2)

We awoke to bright headlamps in our faces. “Finally we won’t have to deal with you guys tearing up the trail anymore!” It was Jeff Oatley and his crew, leading the race, and being sarcastic (I can’t help but think our tracks helped them through the tripods). It was 5 am, or so. I can’t …. [Continue reading]

Great Alaskan Adventure aka Iditabunny (Part 1)

It was a big project to get here. Clown bike locked and loaded. Desert rat skin thickened. Desert ‘weakness’ exorcised. Desert mind with enough confidence to make the leap from impossible to possible.

Confidence was not as high as it could have been. My camera, SPOT and GPS were gone from my …. [Continue reading]