I’m in Alaska! And it’s snowing… but not that cold… yet.

Riding starts tomorrow (Friday) morning, with Mike Curiak and Brian Blair, at a ‘pleasure tour’ pace.

Tracker link:

Mike is continuing on to Nome, but likely won’t be tracking.

Eszter starts racing Sunday at 2pm. Follow on the Iditarod Invitational site. It’ll be a race to McGrath with her at race pace (which is very fast — she is super strong right now), and me at photo-geek pace and with a 2.5 day head start. Regardless of anything, we are both set for a big adventure!

Update: bit of a hectic day building bikes and replacing camera and SPOT, which did not make it to Anchorage. But we are at Big Lake, AK close to ready to ride (and with working SPOT). I am informed by Matthew that the SPOT I picked up at Walmart (!), last one, from the display case is of the series known for failures, so if I stop tracking… there’s definitely no need to panic.

Can’t wait to get out there, but also can’t help but feel a bit of the desert rat inside of me shivering and nervous…

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