Rug Road Revisited

One of the first bikepacks Lee and I did was a traversal of the Rug Road (back in 2004?) from Mammoth to Klondyke. It’s probably one of the worst possible routes for bikepacking, but we loved it. I guess the thinking, besides the sheer mystery and thrill of exploring a route steeped in legend, was that maximizing hike-a-bike was a good test for full AZT touring. A revisit of the Rug Road has been high on our ride ‘todo’ list ever since, and finally it reached the top.

Lee’s smiling? With unknown and adventure ahead? Of course! Positive attitude required in this neck of Arizona.

The Rug looms, from Cowboy Miller road.

photo by Lee Blackwell

Still rideable, if only barely. Burn matches, burn!

Ahhh, there’s the Rug Road we remember and love.

Sometimes pushing through some “undesirable” times leads to amazing things.

Like Oaky treants, mysterious creatures of Buzzard Roost spring.

photo by Lee Blackwell

Crunchy snow tracks.

Forgotten places few have visited.

the “no Bama” distillery

Secret Galiuro moonshine.

Sherbet mushroom lands.

Winding and wandering roads.

Dreamy slickrock.


Mysterious rocks, placed by the Virgus gnomes.

Magic sunsets, and dark rides down highways to plates full of tasty Mexican food.

It’s a big, big world. All ours to explore. Deep in forgotten places, or right from home.

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