Wednesday Techyburgers

Some rides are too good not to post up.

It’s usually techy tacos, but this time we went for techyburgers, and on Wednesday.

Also on tap was a different trail. It quickly turned to a nasty rock strewn climb. Just exactly what we love.

J-bake looks on and Max is stage right, at the ready to try the garden after Chad. Chad nailed it all.

Chad spied a little cairn going off into the weeds. Max and I watched as he fumbled his way up the first few feet, bike rocking from side to side, grunts and brushy sounds in all directions. “Sounds lush!” “Yeah, that looks great!”

It was. Better than we could have ever expected.

Full of rock, cactus and other delightfully pointy things. Just what we love! I caught J-bake at the moment of being thrown off his bike by this ocotillo.

What happened? Neither the ocotillo thorn or the osprey zipper were going to give! Note that both of his zippers were hooked, on two different thorns.

photo by Chad Brown

Luckily I was there to document, giggle and help him, in that order. What are friends for?

We proceeded to climb, finding more and more open rock and super fun moves.

This squeeze will go, but it’s going to take some commitment. More than any of us had, today.

photo by Chad Brown

Golden light signaled that it was time to head down, through our magical and cartoony cactus world.

We soaked it up, hooted and hollered as moves we predicted would go on the way back down actually did. . . even if only barely.

Then it was time for Alamo. The dab count may not have been very high, but style points were very low. I’m surprised my derailleur still works at all, and that I didn’t get stopped dead on the multiple forced and uncontrolled lines that I took. I have needles to pull from multiple appendages, and an ocotillo blew out the shoulder on my jersey.

My favorite moment was seeing five loose baby heads lined up all in a row, and having no choice but to roll right across all of them. The result was completely unpredictable, and sure enough, my front wheel went one way, the rear another. But as in everything on Alamo, you have to adjust as it goes, and give up any notions of sticking to the line you want. It’s nothing short of brilliant.

We pedaled out a little sand, then coasted into In ‘n Out for life-giving burgers and chocolate shakes, still in short sleeves. We were worked. The grand total? 7.03 miles in over 2 hours.

Tucson in December, can it really be this good?

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