Empire Rita

The Arizona Trail 300 is coming right up, so it was the perfect excuse to put in a big weekend (as if an excuse is needed…).

A loop around the Santa Ritas was the only thing speaking to me, but it’s only been a few months since I rode that with Krista. Inspiration wasn’t really …. [Continue reading]

AZT – Oracle to Superior with Hermosa Tours

I must be doing something right here at ‘the diary of scott morris’, when my endless streams of images and words force people to say things like “that’s it, I’m going out there.” Or “After Scott posted this pic I had to go there to see and smell for myself…”.

So it was with Matt …. [Continue reading]

Sedona Chaos

The idea of piecing together a GPX file and suggesting others “race” it is still a bit of a peculiar one.

I wrapped up a big project with just enough time to throw bike and bags together to get out of town. Aaron picked me up and drove us the back way into Sedona so …. [Continue reading]

Diversity of the Ramble

What form of transportation gives you all this?

1) Human powered – no isolation from environment 2) Ability to be carried, over fences, through rivers and other barriers or difficult conditions 3) Fun / skills / challenge factor 4) Primitive trail travel, slowly on singletrack 5) Ability to cruise through dirt and paved roads efficiently/quickly …. [Continue reading]