Techy Tacos Prime

As we warmed up on Oracle Road, I had a flash thought. One word: “backwards.”

Chad was game, so we attacked the trail that normally beats us down, slaps us around and throws us off our bikes — going down. Let’s see how it climbs!

30 seconds after this photo, grunts of hard effort and exclamations of disbelief led to Chad proclaiming, “I’m the greatest mountain biker in the world!!”

It was an accurate statement, at the time.

mind the prickly pear!

The statement may have fallen in precision as we proceeded, but largely we surprised ourselves.

photo by Chad Brown

The dab count was within an order of magnitude of the usual Techy Taco climb.

Chad plans for the challenge ahead. Can’t believe I didn’t catch him on film pointing and “air riding” with his hands.

Make like a saguaro and stand tall! It’s the only way that one is going to go.

Focus I.

Focus II.

photo by Chad Brown

Lack of focus led to me putting my foot down there, mid-move.

photo by Chad Brown

There we go.

no light, no problem — no blur

Going down the usual route was so fun it was just plain ridiculous. Backwards should be thrown in the mix more often.

The only downside was that by the time we hit the treasure trove of wildflowers, the sun was out of the canyon and they were all closed up and sleeping for the night. Still pretty neato.

Great ride, Chad. Thanks for the camera indulgence. It was fun geeking out a bit. Side note: the actual tacos were gigantic, and three was too much. The proper recovery taco amount may be moving down to two. You can’t overdo it on techy taco rock mayhem (there’s never enough.. ..), but you can overdo it on the $1.50 fish tacos.

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