Techy Tacos Prime

As we warmed up on Oracle Road, I had a flash thought. One word: “backwards.”

Chad was game, so we attacked the trail that normally beats us down, slaps us around and throws us off our bikes — going down. Let’s see how it climbs!

30 seconds after this photo, …. [Continue reading]

AZT scouting, MBAA Estrella

The flowers have continued to be off the hook on the from-the-house rides. Makes me happy every time I go out.

Good spots: Rock Wren right out of the Genser Trailhead (above), A Mtn’s Sentinel Ridge Trail and associated unnamed trails, Camino de Oeste Trail, both sides of the rock house. …. [Continue reading]

AZT reroute, Old Pueblo

I finally got out to check out and contribute a little to Lee Blackwell’s in-progress Arizona Trail reroute. He’s been going full steam ahead on it, which has been exciting to see.

What’s the big idea? The AZT goes through a very short piece of Wilderness in the Santa Rita Mtns, …. [Continue reading]

Tor de 50

I’m usually shooting photos from the river path on easy rides. This is what my new easy spin loop looks like, and I must say it’s a nice change. Gotta love Tucson’s west side.

Especially love all the trails right close by.

I didn’t even really try to clean …. [Continue reading]

It’s all a blur (and SSAZ)

I’m pretty sure this pace of life isn’t sustainable, but it’s fun to think it might be. Everything seemed to come together at one time, on the computer, on the bike and everywhere in between. A new version of TopoFusion, managing the migration of all my websites to a new server (days before a major …. [Continue reading]

Antelope Peak Challenge in 2012

Tomorrow (!) is the next Arizona Endurance Series event (the brand new Tor de 50), and I am just now getting to the report on the last one. This first race of the year is always a special one. It’s product of a hair brained idea late one night, and Chad’s vague notion of wanting …. [Continue reading]