It’s a big loop

After attempting (with marginal success) to ride with Krista and Todd last week, it was finally time to do a big mountain bike ride. Earlier rides had broken me, so I took an easy ride the day before while they kept riding. I needed all the help I could get given how poorly my back …. [Continue reading]

Antelope Peak Singletrack

It was perfect timing to follow up last week’s new AZT exploration by riding another giant chunk of new trail. This time a little further south, there’s now a ~10 mile detour to bypass the legendary (in my mind) gasline on the Antelope Peak section of the AZT. It’s with somewhat mixed emotions that I …. [Continue reading]

White Canyon Singletrack

The fates smiled. A last minute bikepacking trip moved quickly from far fetched daydream to reality.

We didn’t have much time to plan, let alone pack. Trail construction status is unknown, the river is high, but the need to get outside and into the desert is highest of all. A year of ‘short’ riding took …. [Continue reading]