Last week in Salida

My last week in Colorado was a good one. It started with the Vapor Trail (the actual event, not my farce). The daily probability of me starting the event went like this: 0%, 0%, 4%, 10%, 25%, 40% and then finally to “why not?” on Saturday morning. My back/kidneys were feeling “better”, and I didn’t …. [Continue reading]

Vapor Trail 125 Solo (2011)

It’s just as dark as I pedal away from the F Street Bridge. Just as dark, and just a little bit colder. No one is there to cheer me on; the town of Salida is asleep. As I roll out of town on County Road 140 the only light to stare at is …. [Continue reading]

Evergreen, Rocks, Tucson

I booked a cheap flight from Denver to Tucson, to go visit my honeybuns, my cats, and generally check in on the homestead back in Arizona. Though the place isn’t so desirable this time of year, I still miss it. It’s home, for sure.

It just so happened that Jeny had the day off before …. [Continue reading]

Forget it

I’ve had quite the backlog on the diary since, well, most of the summer. Before I can even digest one adventure, I’m scheming and plotting for the next. While I admire some of my friends who are able to keep up with everything, I guess the backlog doesn’t really bother me. I’m such …. [Continue reading]

Poplar and Alpine

A group of us got together — from Crested Butte, Salida, Evergreen and Buena Vista — for a day in the mountains. We rolled from Kep’s house in BV, climbing hot (!) roads to get higher into the mountains.

The singletrack was steep, and those without little tiny gears did some …. [Continue reading]

Gooney rides in the Butte

I did take a couple days off after the 14er blitz, I promise. But it was only a couple. I started to realize that summer was running short, and I had friends to ride with and in high places. Emails sent. Rides set up. Let’s go.

It wasn’t hard to convince both Chris and Eszter …. [Continue reading]