Crested Butte 40


It’s Crested Butte!


And Paula riding singletrack! Life is good.

It is unbelievable how green and growing everything is, even though CB is not that far from Salida, and really just on the other side of the divide. The handlebar high lupines and all manner of other thriving greenery were not …. [Continue reading]

Fibark Weekend

The dream summer in Salida has continued its course, and with every day it seems more and more certain that this is where I’m supposed to be… this summer, anyway. Put another way, I’m really enjoying it here!

After a solid block of training and trail riding with Krista Park, my legs were …. [Continue reading]

Tracking the divide

The divide race has been going on for a week now, and I am just barely recovering from the week+ leading up to it. When your arms are aching and your eyes can barely focus, you know you’ve been spending too much time at the computer. All worth it though — the divide …. [Continue reading]


I was supposed to ride something semi-epic with Shawn (of Absolute Bikes), but it was too hard to pull him away from the shop, and too hard to pull me away from working on Trackleaders V2. Even when tracking stoke factor is through the roof it’s still not possible for this body to …. [Continue reading]


I’m still pinching myself that I get to spend all summer in a place like Salida. The bike rides have been many, the computer time productive, and the friends never too far away. Things are pretty simple for me here in Salida. And I like it that way.

Lee made his annual …. [Continue reading]